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The Church of St. Michael and St. Peter
4782 West Seneca Turnpike
Syracuse, NY 13215


St. Michael-St. Peter Church Onondaga Hill

Weekend Masses

Saturday 5:00 P.M.

Sunday 7:30 A.M.

Sunday 9:00 A.M.

Sunday 11:15 A.M.

Daily Mass

Monday/Wednesday --7:00AM


Friday . Communion Service--7:00AM

Holy Days of Obligation

12:10 P.M.

 6:30  P.M.


Saturday 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM

Baptisms and Baptism Classes

Call Rectory for Preparation and Appointment

Matrimony - Contact Pastor

6 months notice required

New Parishioners - Sign up forms are available at Church entrance or Rectory office or

Request sign up form on-line.

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Parishioners are the heart and hands of 


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Church History:

This video is titled: 

"This is the Spirit of our Past"  

The history of St. Michael-St Peter Church

by Tom Andino

Welcome to our Parish

The Church of St. Michael and St. Peter is a Catholic community committed to the Word and example of Jesus Christ.  We seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the wisdom of the Father as we support the local and world community.  Sharing our lives and our gifts, we seek to build a parish family rooted in faith, hope and love.

 to our Church

Traveling:  When you are traveling and you would like to find out the nearest Church in the area, please visit: 

for the local listing.



The Church of

St. Michael & St. Peter


Parish Capital Campaign

Volume I                                                            Saturday-Sunday                                        September 21-22, 2019





Over the next few weeks we will be unveiling plans for our Parish Capital Campaign.  Through this campaign, it is our goal to ensure that our parish continues to endure for the families of today and tomorrow. From generation to generation parishioners of St. Michael & St. Peter have responded to the challenges of their time with generosity, humility and passion.


This campaign will exclusively fund needs and priorities here at St. Michael and St. Peter and the funds raised will remain in the parish.  We realize that we cannot walk away from the challenges we face at this time: a dollar spent wisely today could save five dollars in the future.


Based on input from the Pastoral Council and Finance Committee the focus of this campaign will be to fund repairs and updates throughout our parish.  These improvements will provide a strong and viable future for St. Michael and St. Peter Parish. Our campaign goal is $800,000, which would allow us to address the following:


  1. New Roof for the Parish Center
  2. Relocation of Stained-Glass windows behind organ
  3. Grand Piano for the church
  4. Replace rectory roof and gutters
  5. Parish Center heating system 
  6. Parish Center gym and classroom ceilings
  7. Parish Center lighting
  8. Enhancement and soundproofing of confessional
  9. Carpets for the Chapel and children's play area
  10. Video Projection System
  11. Pickup Truck & Snow Plow
  12. Parking lots sealed & restriped
  13. Church Basement floor resurfaced
  14. Parish Center Sound System




     During the next few weeks we will be reaching out to all members of our parish family to volunteer on our Parish Capital Campaign.  A key element of any successful campaign is having a strong base of parishioners to help with the fundraising plan.  Several parishioners have already accepted various roles in the campaign and are hard at work with the organizational plans.  We also need your help.  The more volunteers we have the easier it will be to reach our goal.

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   Pastoral Council  

St Francis Xavier Church

Our Neighbors in Marcellus

Weekend Masses
Saturday  4:30
Sunday    8:30
Sunday   10:45
Link to St. Francis Xavier

Immaculate Conception Church

Our twin Parish in Haiti


Thank you for supporting our school lunch program.  The children learn so much better. 

Haiti PowerPoint  Click to see some Haiti History


Faith Formation


E-Bulletin Sign Up

We also have an e-bulletin that goes out every Sunday.   Follow this link  or call the rectory to sign up and you will receive our e-bulletin every Sunday with all the news of The Church of St. Michael-St. Peter

Read about all the ways you can be involved in our church family and liturgies.   CLICK BELOW

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